Get a makeup look that’s

Inspired by You.

Achieved with a professional MUA.

Get a makeup look that's

Inspired by you

Achieved with a professional MUA.

professional makeup artist blankita styles
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professional makeup artist blankita styles

Hello, Beautiful. I’m Blankita.


Do you have dozens of makeup photos saved for inspiration, for your upcoming wedding ceremony or your bridal party? Attending a special event, or maybe you’re the star of the show? Do you want to be guaranteed that your makeup feels fabulous in every way? 

You’re going to want your makeup to go above and beyond your standards.

My certifications from M.A.C Cosmetics combined with over 10 years of experience working in the makeup industry have established my signature looks as flawless and timeless.

Let me accommodate you at your chosen location as I bring the wow factor to your doorstep with my professional service.

You’ll get the customized look of your choice, lashes included, and peace of mind knowing that your makeup will be durable for the whole event.

How to proceed? It’s simple, really. Just scroll down below to the booking section and send me your details with some pictures for inspiration. I’ll get in touch and we’ll then discuss options to ensure you get that gorgeous look you have in mind for your event.

“Makeup is art. Beauty is the soul.”

Eye Shadow & Eyebrow online course #2



$ 150 price starting at
  • Full Bridal Makeup
  • Face Contouring
  • Eyelashes
  • Luxurious skin care
  • Weatherproof makeup
  • 60 to 75 min. service


$ 125 per hour
  • Professional Makeup
  • Eyelashes
  • Weatherproof makeup
  • Easy Communication
  • Flexible to client needs
  • +20 years In Showbusiness


$ 100 per person
  • Luxurious skincare
  • Eyelashes
  • Face Contouring
  • Long lasting makeup
  • 45 to 60 min. service
  • +10 years of experience


10% OFF



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