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The trendiest tips, tricks, and techniques for using your favorite makeup. Never again will you look into your makeup bag & wonder what to do! 

About the Masterclass

The Makeup Masterclasses are personalized educational videos for every makeup lover who wants to get the best out of their makeup. 

Experience that wow factor you’ve always dreamed of as you are guided through a complete makeup transformation in just a few hours!

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You want to feel beautiful, proud, and happy when you look in the mirror

Working with an experienced professional makeup artist sounds like a ‘‘heck, yeah!’’ to you

You appreciate hands-on learning and personal attention from experienced teacher 

You have more makeup than you know what to do with, sitting mostly unused

The idea of applying all that makeup is a little overwhelming


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  • Over 24 masterclass videos
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  • 4 Modules including theory
  • Show & teach on model
  • Exclusive tips & tricks
  • Live chat support
  • Get instant access to new added video content & live streams

Hello, Beautiful. I’m Blankita.


blankita styles about masterclass

In my career as a professional makeup artist, I’ve realized that my work with clients is special. My passion for makeup comes from that deep connection that evolves as I work to bring visions of beauty to life. That’s where the magic happens. 

And that’s what I share with you in my virtual Makeup Masterclasses: the energy, experience, knowledge, and confidence to magnify your true beauty so you can easily transform into the person who knows what it’s like to feel invincible anyday, everyday, using all the makeup you already own!

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I guarantee you’ll get the best tips, tricks, and techniques for using your favorite makeup. People tell me all the time that I’m a natural at teaching what I know best. And with my signature exuberance and passion for what I do, I will show you how you have everything you need to feel beautiful right at your brush tips.

Because I truly value connecting with you, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join me for the full virtual experience.

professional makeup artist blankita styles
make up artist montreal
professional makeup artist blankita styles

What you will learn

foundation & concealer makeup course

Skincare, foundation & concealer

Selecting the right foundation can be tricky however, I will teach you about understanding your underlying skin tone and how to obtain the right texture for your skin. Alongside this, you will also learn the magic behind concealer, and also selecting the right colour and texture for your skin.

Eye Shadow & Eyebrow online course #2

Eye Shadow & Eyebrow

There are a variety of different shapes and thicknesses, this masterclass will go through all the steps required to achieving the perfect brow for your face. Now, let’s talk about the center of attention, our eyes! My detailed guided instructions will show you how to make those eyes look bright and bigger.

Eyeliner ,eye lashes, mascara & lips online course #3

Eyeliner, eye lashes, & lips

There is an array of different shapes, techniques & products that can create this timeless look, you will learn the right one for you. Eyelashes have hit the industry by storm & have come to give that final touch to complete the eye makeup look.

Contouring, highlighting & blush Masterclass #4

Contouring, highlighting & blush

This masterclass will teach you the necessary skills to transform yourself and change your face shape, make the nose smaller, and create a defined jawline. Highlighting is the small touch to give you that healthy glow. 

Are you finally ready to find yourself in your makeup?

Stop feeling bad about throwing away money on makeup you don’t know how to use. Start feeling confident, glamorous, and invincible instead. Happiness awaits inside the Makeup Masterclass. Go for it, Beautiful. You deserve it.


Most frequent questions and answers

Blankita Styles, professional makeup artist, teaches you how to apply your makeup flawlessly and guides you as you recreate the perfect looks on your own.

Once subscribed you will get instant access to all educational videos by login in to the members section of the site.

Each learning module is approximately 60 minutes long and broken down into every step. Should you have any more questions you can always get in touch with Blankita on the live chat of the website.

Each module of the Makeup Masterclass is designed with every makeup-lover in mind, but especially those who struggle to properly select the right makeup and then apply correctly based on their features. The tips and tricks will help beginners gain confidence and at the same time propel even the savviest makeup divas to get bold and creative with their looks. 

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