Here are my top 3 favourite vegetables to juice.

Well, as you know we are all still quarantined and I’m trying to keep active and positive by creating different content on my YouTube channel. I don’t know if I had mentioned to you before, but I’m currently doing my own editing for my videos, It’s a challenge, but very fun to be part of the process.

A few months ago I purchased an Omega juice extractor and started to discover the power behind juicing. This year, I decided to take my health into my own hands when I had a health scare. I was diagnosed with fatty liver and was experiencing problems with my gall bladder and kidneys, all of which are pretty much due to high inflammation in my body. I was feeling lethargic and disconnected, I knew that it was time for a change.

I started intermittent fasting (with the ok of my doctor) and educating myself in regards to what inflammation does to the body. I was so shocked to see that I was having all the symptoms and never really thought of how it truly affected me. We always assume if we just lose weight we will feel better, and yes we will, but if you lose the inflammation you will have many more benefits than just the weight loss.

I’m down 22 lbs, 20 more to go and let me tell you it’s a journey. I have good days and then I have bad ones. I remind myself that this is the biggest gift I’m giving myself in the present moment and an amazing investment to my future self. I’ve discovered what true self-love can do, I’m still busy at home, but now I have changed my priority to my health (physical and mental) and finally accepted it as a lifestyle that I dearly enjoy. Diets don’t work, what works is changing your state of mind with the understanding of your own journey, challenges and all the things that come with it. The key is to have serenity through your storm.

By adopting a new lifestyle I was inspired to create my “Blankita Lifestyle” videos. My latest video is on my “Top 3 favourite vegetables to juice”. I also made a video showing you how to make “No-bake tahini cookies”. We all get that sugar craving from time to time but it’s good to know that there are healthier options. I invite you to click on the image down below to start watching. I also am curious about what you wanna learn, so don’t be shy and let me know. Thank you for the love and support, It truly means a lot to me and you know how much I love learning and teaching you new things. I hope to get your feedback. XOXO